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Recor Waste to Energy (Pty) Ltd is your go-to source for sustainable waste beneficiation solutions. Our cutting-edge technologies and commitment to the environment make us the top choice for businesses and individuals

What We Offer:


  • Business Plans/Financial Modelling/Feasibility Studies

  • Plant Design, Site Selection, Site Requirements

  • Technology Package Supply

  • Long Term Operations and Maintenance  

Technologies we focus on:

  • Pyrolysis of Watse for Power Generation

  • Pyrolysis of Waste for Fuel Production

  • Pyrolysis of Biomass for Biochar Production 

  • Gasification for Power Generation

  • Cost Effective Robust Watse Processing Equipment

  • Organic Waste to Food Processing

  • Organic Waste to Composting

  • Pyrolysis Oil/Waste Oils Refining

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