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Ideal for Farmers and Rural Communities as well as Small Factories and Sawmills.

RE-POWER Biomass Gasification Generators is a mobile off grid power solution that can generate 2,6KW, 10KW, 20KW, 30KW, 50KW, 60KW, 100KW and more electricity from biomass such as wood, corn cobs, husks and other compressed biomass.


This system is the only true off grid 24 hour power generation solution and is ideal for generating electricity farmers and local communities from alternative fuels such as biomass. Africa is abundant with invasive plant species that makes the ideal feedstock for these gasifiers.


Contact us today for options and pricing on these locally manufactured gasifiers that is easy to operate and robust for Africa's conditions.



Community Upliftment


We are comitted to implement projects and solutions that will lead to the inevitable upliftmemnt of communities. RE-POWER is an excellent mecanism to generate off grid power to remote communities where utilities can't reach.


600 million people in Africa live without access to grid power and in South Africa the number is 2.5million. Biomass is still the most widely used energy source. Instead of burning, biomass can be gasified to produce clean energy like electricity.


We are developing the RE-POWER biomass gasification generator specifically with communities in mind. It is easy to use, robust and designed to use a wide variety of biomass unlike some other systems that is feedstock size specific where is must be peletized first.


Below is some other examples of community upliftment in India where biomass gasifiers has provided constant dependable electricity to communities.


In these scenarios electricity is still being sold to the poor. We believe governments and organisations like the United Nations, The World Food Program, and other similar organisations can sponsor these systems to communities especially those without access to electricity.   

Above is an African community that was uplifted with a typical system. The gasifier generated enough electricity for the saw mill and they quickly installed a hammer mill for the community to produce maize meal.


This robust system is a true off grid power solution that can be a real solution for the over 600 million poeple in Africa still living without electricity.


Small communities can now genrate their own power from waste biomass, being an abundant energy source in Africa. 


A typical gasifier will use 1kg of biomass for every 1kw of electricity generated per hour. 

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