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This system is completely manufactured in South Africa. It has a fully integrated control display which can be monitored on the internet anywhere in the world. The gasifier is also fully automated and is made of the highest quality materials and stress tested to last.

250KW Biomass Gasifiers


Large Biomass Gasifiers can be used to generate electricity from waste biomass produced from a manufacturing process like a brewery where the hops waste can be gasified to produce electricity.


In South Africa we have a 250Kw Gasifier and 500Kw (available soon) Gasifier than can produce clean gas for specified generator use.


The gas from the biomass is converted to electrical energy and heat energy, in about equal proportions.  The electrical output of the generator is at 380V three-phase, with automatic frequency and voltage regulation, and automatic synchronisation with the existing supply net, or with another generator or generators in parallel.


The heat energy from the engine cooling system, lubrication system and exhaust system may be recovered to produce hot water for the client’s processes and cold water for cooling chambers or air-conditioning.  This is known as ‘tri-generation’ or ‘CHE’, as the energy output is in the form of useable cold, heat and electricity.



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