Not only do we offer the technology but we help you, the client, to design and implement the best possible solution to convert your waste into an asset and bottom line saver. Our best quality for best price and best efficiency solutions have already realized break-even as quickly as 10 months! 



What makes us a disruptor in the global waste to energy space?
  • The "Swallow All" technology can convert all waste (except glass, metals and concrete) into electricity, gas, heat, steam and even liquid fuels.
  • Our Gasifiers are robust and simple, made for 3rd world countries where reliability and simplicity is the answer to remote areas.
  • The Plastifuel plastics to diesel system is a real world answer for the growing plastics problem, able to produce Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel or marine grade fuel from all types of plastics.
  • The swallow all technology, together with the atmospheric waste generators/desalination systems are the ultimate answer for remote communities and islands. Islands now can convert all their waste on the island into energy and manufacture potable water.
  • Recor offers the smallest MSW to electricity plant in the world. With our simplified MRF we are able to sort and prepare municipal solid waste and convert into energy even for the smallest municipality. No more transportation of waste to large landfills or mass burn facilities. The future is here for decentralised green waste to energy conversion.
  • Recor has developed a world first containerised solution that delivers stored power and water from any type of waste. This is ideal for disaster relief programs, remote off-grid communities, islands and war zones etc.

Waste Oil to Diesel Converter Promotion

180, 400 Litre Per Day

This reactor can produce diesel from waste engine oil, transformer oil, gearbox and diff oils. Beat the fuel price hikes and save on your bottom line!

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