Compressed Air Electricity Storage


Compressed air energy storage technology enables placement anywhere, a zero-emissions storage solution.


Isothermal compression allows air to reach high pressures without the inherent challenges of high temperatures or high thermal losses.

Eco-mc² achieves isothermal cycling, by combining patented innovations, with a design centered on mature industrial components and principles.


A Hydraulic system and drive train utilizes an electric motor and AC generator (alternator) , the latter proven through decades of service in other industries, to provide an efficient mechanical link, that powers the compressor and heat-transfer system process into pneumatic cylinders.


During compression, the air is cooled via absorbers; the resulting air is collected in pressure cylinders. Heat is transferred from the stored “heat battery” to air during expansion or from air during compression, thus providing both isothermal compression and expansion, eliminating the cost of separate compressor and expander subsystems.


Compressed air at near ambient temperature can be stored until needed with the application of state of the art energy storage with near zero heat and energy losses. The power is always available, isothermal expansion delivers near 90% round trip efficiencies.


This patented approach achieves high round-trip     efficiency, proven long lifetime, and low cost, allowing Eco-mc² to deliver a low “cost of energy” in comparison to competing storage technologies


Eco-mc² Storage Systems ranges from 40KWH to many MWH stored.  Storage systems are modular. 



Value Proposition



  • Electrical storage for businesses and  individuals  that require a 100 % guarantee that they will never be without electricity when the grid goes down.

  • Our products are cost-effective, low-maintenance, and can be specifically adapted to your requirements - whether you are a small or large electrical power user.

  • They can also be linked to any source of power whether it be, the grid, renewable energy facilities (such as roof top PV) or diesel generators.

  • We directly address the problem of a longer operation life (20 years and greater with regular maintenance) by using a compressed air energy      recovery system.

  • A 5 year maintenance guarantee on all parts is standard sales procedure.

  • Because of the type of parts and design we use there is no fuel requirement or intervention in the operation of the equipment hence it has a extremely low operating cost.

  • We address the aspect of Cleantech with our No Toxic Emissions, Zero Carbon Footprint Renewable Energy Storage Solution.

  • Coupled with all the above we digitally monitor the system on a constant basis to ensure quality, Safety, Standards and after sales client service.

  • Our Safety feature is a secure encasement which requires authorisation from head-office prior to accessing the System ensuring total customer safety.

  • The unit is primarily designed as an off-grid solution for renewable energy solutions but also fits the application of a UPS type environment with a greater storage period.