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Waste Tyres to Electricity


Our Top Tyre to Energy Solution: Generating Electricity from Large OTR Tyres.


















Our start to finish Tyre to Fuel and/or Electricity solution is just another example of how we strive to deliver the optimum solution to our clients.

Securing off-take for pyrolysis oil from tyres and the logistics around it can be an obstacle, especially for remote mines and industry.

Now mines for instance can generate electricity on-site form their waste tyres. OTR tyres is a serious problem for mines and usually gets buries in mined pits. This is now  a thing of the past.

Our Tyre Pyrolysis Plant Key Advantages

  • It is the only known system that has demonstrated the feasibility of producing products that can be profitably marketed.

  • A self-cleansing design ensures there is no carbon built-up.

  • Unlike batch or semi-continuous systems, our plant does not need to be cooled down to remove the material from the reactor chamber, which leads to inconsistent product delivery, metal fatigue, and wasted production time.

  • The system requires minimal energy and relies on internally generated gas to heat the reactor kiln in contrast to conventional systems of heating with an electric coil or microwaves.

  • The system produces a high quality oil (CV 40Mj) for which a market exists. The variables that influence the formation of the oil are uniquely controllable that enables the plant to produce a variety of fuel oils.

  • The system produces carbon rich char of 76% for which a market exists. We are currently developing technology to produce a 95% tyre derived carbon black.

  • Complies with environmental emissions regulations.

  • Could potentially generate additional income in the carbon credit market.

  • Wastage is negligible and in the form of excess gas which is scrubbed prior to release.

  • The plant is a zero-pressure, sealed system, and poses no health or safety risks.

  • Simplicity of design facilitates training.

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