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Due to RECOR's vast understanding of the renewable energy industry and in specific Waste to Energy, are we able to provide consulting services in this and other fields of expertise.



- Renewable Energy category analysis (what is most applicable for situation in particular country or location, not necessarily always Waste to Energy)
- Business Model evaluation
- Due diligence
- Pre-Feasibility studies
- Supply chain analysis of supply of feedstock and off-take of produced goods
- Country profile analysis (Macro) in terms of attractiveness and selection
- City profile analysis (Macro) in terms of attractiveness and selection
- Solar thermal, bio-mass, landfill gas and waste to energy projects of various sizes
- Combustion technologies
- Gasification technology, for waste and tyres
- Anaerobic digestion
- Solar PV
- Solar CSP

For Process’ and Plants in the Chemical, Petrochemical and Energy Industries. (LNG, Gas plants and Refineries)
- Feasibility study of Process’ and proposed Plants.
- Process Control and Instrumentation complete with P & ID study.
- Hazop – The determination of Hazardous operations and the rectifications there off.
- Suitability of the right technology for the given application.
- Design and Engineering of Online Process Analyser Houses complete with dedicated Data networks.
- Design, engineer Fiscal Metering Skids for Custody transfer between different parties and the compliance there of.
- Fire and Gas included.
- Can oversee and assess if most of the Process (operating), Mechanical and Electrical design and work are correct.


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