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Waste to Energy Solutions


On Site Energy Production from your Waste.

We now have the technology to convert almost any kind of waste, wet or dry, 'on site' into gas, steam, heat, electricity and other.

From 25KW biomass generators and 100KW 'Swallow All' systems to large modular 3MW plants.


Off Site Energy Production from your Waste.

You can divert your waste to our waste to energy plants in order to qualify for a zero waste to landfill certfificate. 


Wheeling Energy.

It is possible to process your waste off site and to wheel the electricity back to your site.


Power Storage

Recor offers state of the art power storage systems by using compressed air which has numerous benefits over traditional batteries and will last significantly longer. This will enable businesses to store power for power outages as well as to more effectively manage power by storing power during low tarriff windows and utilising it during high tariff windows.



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